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Many of you are aware we’ve been developing and actively using a custom mobile app to monitor our work. We thought we’d share a bit more information about what we do with our mobile app, as well as a few of the benefits our clients are enjoying from it.

Rooftop Reports #

Whether you need a picture of what’s actually causing the leak, or you’re replacing the roof on a 1,000,000 SF distribution center and would like Progress Reports throughout the duration of the project, it’s no sweat for our

Example In progress report

Quality Assurance #

For each job, our foremen and superintendents perform at least 2 inspections — a “Start of Day” and “End of Day” — every single day that work is being performed.

Each job’s construction manager reviews the inspections, checking for the following: 

Work Safety #

The safety of our team, clients and fellow tradesmen is without a doubt the most important aspect of every job we work on. While we do employ a full-time safety crew, our mobile app focuses extensively on safety, including inspecting for hundreds of safety requirements to ensure everyone is safe.

A few questions on our Start of Day Inspection include:

Other Inspection Types #

A Few other inspections we utilize include:

The following diagram provides a brief illustration of our process and how we use our mobile app.

Please note that while our mobile app provides the ability for our field employees to easily and quickly communicate job-related information back to management at our regional offices & headquarters, each and every project team member continues to regularly visit each and every job site in person.

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